A delegation of ULIM visiting at Regional Direction of Central and Eastern Europe of AUF

Mr. Ghenadie Rabacov, the head of Roman Philology Department “Petru Rosca” and the responsible of Center of University Success (CRU), joined by a group of students of the Faculty of Letters, made a visit at the Regional Direction of Central and Eastern Europe of University Agency of Francophony (AUF). During this visit, the students got acquainted with the missions and the activities organized by DRECO, its structure, the regional operators and the resources they make available for the young francophone people.

The delegation carried out talks with the regional director, Mohamed Ketata regarding the university francophony and the francophone projects that are developed at ULIM, as result of CRU inauguration in April 2013. The general director was very impressed by the dynamism and the impetuosity of the professors and the students of ULIM and expressed his entire support for any francophone action.