A student of the Faculty of Law has represented RM at a school of the young leaders in Bulgaria

Young people from 18 countries have participated in the works of the Autumn School in Sofia-2016, as part of a development and management international project, held in Borovets, Bulgaria, financed by the International Training and Research Institute PETRI-Sofia and Y-PEER. The Republic of Moldova was represented by two people; one is Marius Nanii, 1st year student of the Faculty of Law, ULIM. Persons selected were trained to develop projects and use their financing mechanisms.

”I was trained not just to create projects, but also how to work in a team. For training jurists, that school from Bulgaria represents a pillar of professional development.  In order for the justice of RM to be reformed, we need competent jurists and multilaterally developed, for a better understanding of the actual situation in the country,” argues Marius Nanii.

Y-PEER is a network of young peer educators, who are developing training activities for young people in the field of health and sexual reproductive law and peer education through social drama techniques.

”In my opinion, ULIM is that higher education institution, which trains the top specialists. Being private, manages to be aligned with European standards in education as one of the leading universities of RM.  I'm proud that I can do my studies at this University in the legal field,” says the student of Law.

Marketing and Communication Service, ULIM