A young professor of Chinese attracts his students by the enchantment of violin

The young professor of Chinese An Yujia from CONFUCIUS Institute of ULIM, being at the end of his activity in the Republic of Moldova, became a very known person among the young people passionate of Chinese language and culture. He is also a talented educator, who speaks English and Russian. An Yujia, called by his friends An Yoga, transformed the Chinese lessons into symphonies for violin. The professor of Confucius Institute of ULIM is a big admirer of good music, being a beginner violinist, who approaches his students by the enchantments of his bows.

After a year of teaching, An Yujia finds difficult to separate from Moldova and his student that he considers as very capable.

Those who manage to achieve an advanced level of this language may become scholars for many years in China. This is a great opportunity to see China and to study its language and culture. The globalization process awoke the general tendency of young people to affirm themselves successfully in their future professions.

Angelina Olaru, The Service of Marketing and Communication, ULIM