Academic calendar

The academic year is divided into two semesters in Moldova, the autumn and the spring semester.

Most courses start in the winter semester (WS) and run from September until the middle of February. In the summer semester (SS), the earliest lectures start in April and end in July. There are also Christmas, Easter and Pentecost holidays.

During the lecture-free time, students have the opportunity to do internships and have to take exams. The latter is seldom done during lecture time.

Autumn semester:

02.09.2015 – 15.12.2015

Examinations: from 16.12.2015 to 23.12.2015

Winter holidays: 24.12.2015 – 08.01.2016

Examinations: 11.01.2016 – 22.01.2016

Spring semester:

01.02.2016 –20.05.2016

Easter vacation: 02.05.2016 – 09.05.2016

Examinations: from 23.05.2016 to 17.06.2016

Summer holidays: 01 July – 31 August, 2016