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at the Free International Unversity of Moldova(ULIM) 

  1. I.  The admission is made on the base of the following documents presented to the Foreign Students  Department of the Free International University of Moldova:
    1. General Secondary school Diploma or High School Diploma, which certifies complete secondary education, attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education of the country delivering this act. The act will comprise the holder’s rights;
    2. Criminal record from the country of origin (residence), legalized / apostilled according to the official procedure, accompanied by a notary or consular legalized translation into English. The translation into Romanian and its authentication will be realized ​in the Republic of Moldova;

Important!     A compulsory condition: the validity of the criminal record must not be expired at time of entry. Otherwise, you will need a new one.

    1. Medical insurance certificate for at least three months;
    2. The notarized copies of birth and marriage certificates or name changing confirmation (for those who have changed their name);
    3. Preparatory courses diploma or language proficiency certificate into which the courses will be taught;
    4. Academic transcript (for enrollment in the second – fourth academic year);
    5. Solvency certificate from the bank, accompanied by an account statement, issued not later than 10 days before presentation, certifying the existence on the account of each candidate or his trustee of not less than 1000 EURO;
    6. Passport with the period of validity not less than one year;
    7. 6 (six) Photos: dimensions 3×4;
    8. People applying for admission to Cycle II – Master Degree will present additional documents to those listed above: Bachelor’s degree Diploma and its supplement, authenticated by the Ministry of Education of the country issuing the documents;
    9.  For admission to the PhD cycle, in addition to the mentioned package of documents, are necessary: Curriculum Vitae, Master’s degree diploma and its supplement, authenticated by the Ministry of Education of the country issuing the documents;

12. Supplements of bachelor and master diplomas should contain the following information:

    • study period (duration);
    • academic value of the act (the holder’s right to be admitted in the next study level);
    • description of the scoring or evaluation system.

Otherwise, will be required a note from the Ministry of Education of the country issuing the documents, in which all these items will be mentioned.

NOTE: If the documents mentioned in pp 1,2,4- 8; 11 – 12 have been done in other languages than Romanian, Russian, English or French, they will be accompanied by a translation (notary confirmed) into one of these languages.

The originals of all documents and their translations will be accepted by the university’s Department for Foreign Students only if they are legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or apostilled in accordance with the official procedure of the concerned country..

II. The procedure for admission to studies:

In order to confirm the right of admission to study by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova and starting the procedure of the invitation preparation, you should submit by e-mail: [email protected] the copies of the documents mentioned in pp 1, 5, 8, 10 – 12 with the following information: route and border crossing points of Moldova. After the documents examination by the Ministry of Education and the admission confirmation, the procedure of invitation will be initiated, it will be completed only after transferring on the University’s account the payment for at least one study year and, if necessary, the guaranty fee. Originals of all documents and their translations will be presented on arrival at the university.

NOTE: In some cases, as decided by the Administrative Council of the University for admission to study, there might be required to pay a guaranty fee of 1500 euro, which can be included in the payment for the final study year or returned back on demand in case of interruption of studies and departure from Moldova.

The invitation allows obtaining the entry visa at one of the embassies or consular offices of the Republic of Moldova (usually the nearest one to the candidate). The list of all official representations can be found on the official webpage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at:

III. Payment for study:

Payment amount for an academic year varies, depending on the specialty, the form of study and the language of teaching (you can see below the amount of the tuition fees). Every foreigner at the time of registration, have to pay the tuition fee for at least one academic year. From the second year of study, payment can be accepted in installments during the academic year.

IV. Education

In accordance with the Bologna Process, the higher education is structured in three cycles: cycle I – Bachelor Degree, Cycle II – Master Degree and Cycle III – PhD Degree. Forms of study: with full-time frequency or part-time frequency. The didactic process is delivered in Romanian, Russian, English or French.

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