After the academic experience from Great Britain and France, a student continues at ULIM

Irina Buzu, a student of 4th year at the Faculty of Law from ULIM, is a young girl with academic experience in the Greta Britain and France. After she made her studies at the High School “Prometeu” from Chisinau, and subsequently, she graduated Cambridge Regional College; she had the occasion to learn a semester at the University from Strasbourg. When she returned to the Republic of Moldova, she chose to make her studies at ULIM.

“I decided to make my studies at ULIM due to its liberal reputation from academic and studies quality point of view. After four years of faculty, I can say that ULIM offers to its students the ultimate college experience, dreamt by many”.

Discussing with Irina Buzu about the adaptability of young people from the Republic of Moldova in the education institutions from abroad, she said that “we have professors of international academic degree, who know how to train students able to make studies abroad, for which I am grateful to them”.

Angelina Olaru, The Service of Marketing and Communications, ULIM