At ULIM, a professor from the USA presented a practical tool in fighting against corruption

Mr. William A. Andrews, PhD, Professor of management at Stetson University in the USA, recently had a visit to ULIM, in the context of academic invitations to Chisinau. He conducted training to students, within the recent International Scientific Conference Contemporary concerns of social-human sciences in the context of mentality transformation.

 Risk capital and entrepreneurship, strategic management and international business represent his most important research themes. Mr. William A. Andrews published in American academic journals and is part of the Board's CaseResearch Journal, publication North American Case Research Association.

Asked about his purpose of visit to Chisinau, he replied: “At ULIM, for example, I've spoken to students about a management tool, useful in situations of conflict management, team work, hiring and recruitment of persons suitable for recommended workplaces. It is my first visit to the Republic of Moldova, where the people that I met were nice and respectful. Moreover, I had very good students, which impressed me. 

The main purpose of visit to Chisinau was presenting my research about corruption, made in South America. I refer to a case study, conducted in Colombia, about how this big city was able, for eight years, to overcome the problem of corruption”.

Angelina Olaru, Marketing and Communication Service, ULIM