“Confucius” Institute a global brand in promoting Chinese language, culture and civilization

“Confucius” Institutes are centers of didactic and cultural activities, where people can study the language and the culture of one of the most ancient civilizations, China.

Confucius” Institute from the Free International University of Moldova (ULIM) was founded on September 29th, 2009. The founders are ULIM and Nord-West Normal University, a prestigious higher education institution from China, with a history of more than 110 years.

Being the first and the only “Confucius” Institute from the Republic of Moldova, it aimed at contributing to the development of the educational cooperation between our countries, to support and to promote the education of the Chinese language and to improve the mutual understanding between the citizens of the both countries.

Wang Yifeng, directorul Institutului ”Confucius”  ULIM din partea Chinei

“Confucius” Institure of ULIM had almost 660 enrolled persons; 43 students from the Republic of Moldova applied successfully for scholarships at Licentiate and Master Higher Education at universities from China. Pupils and students can participate at different competitions and events organized by this Institution.

“Confucius” Institute is a great openness for the people of the Republic of Moldova regarding the deep knowledge of China. Every year, Hanban Headquarters of “Confucius” Institute grants scholarships for students, researchers and professors of Chinese language from other countries for studies in known universities from China.

(For more information, access the link: www.cis.chinese.cn )

“Confucius” Institute, ULIM