Confucius Institute contributes to the approach of our nations

he professors doctors, Liu Zaicong and Yong Yonggang from North-West Pedagogical University of Lanzhou, China, came to ULIM in order to teach to the students of CONFUCIUS Institute. The didactic staff met the rector Andrei Galben, later they met the students at a conference celebrating the famous Beijing Opera and the Silk Road, two highly relevant subjects not only for those passionate of Chinese language and culture.

Mr. Radu Plamadeala, the co-director of CONFUCIUS Institute of ULIM: “The purpose of China is to intensify the bilateral relations with the countries that followed the Silk Road. A first step into this direction in the Republic of Moldova was the opening of CONFUCIUS Institute within ULIM and the creation of the First Center of Chinese Non-Traditional Medicine, another serious investment in our state”.

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