The Foreign Students Department is the contact point at ULIM for all international students.

Services for current and prospective international students:

- Advice and support for current and prospective international students from first contact to successful graduation
- Support for international exchange with their first steps in Chisinau
- Introduction week
- Integration activities
- Individual assistance concerning financial and personal problems etc.
- Verification of international applications for all Departments
- Equivalence verification of foreign educational certificates (PhD, Masters, staff)

The Department for Foreign Students is a university subdivision responsible for the invitation, the legalization and the record keeping of foreign citizens within the Free International University of Moldova, as well as for the organization of the linguistic undergraduate formation for students coming from abroad.

For further information concerning the enrolment requirements in ULIM, the amount and the payment procedure of official fees required for legalization on the territory of the country, don’t hesitate to contact the concerned person by e-mail [email protected] or by telephones indicated in the table below:  



Tel. number

Ludmila Bodnari


  • Record keeping of foreign citizens studying in ULIM;

  • Personal files maintenance;

  • Examination of the authenticity of diplomas;

  • Administration of the foreign students data base;

  • Responsible for the collaboration between ULIM’s departments from Romania and university’s subdivisions

  • Administration of the Department’s E-mail [email protected]

(+373 22)

22 01 03

Natela Paşa


  • Substitute for department director if need so;

  • Preparing invitation to study or work;

  • Responsible for the organization of linguistic courses and pre-university training;

  • Record keeping of the annual HIV-AIDS test results;

  • Record keeping of ULIM’s foreign graduates;

  • Administration of ULIM’s museum “Friendship”.

(+373 22)

20 59 28

Olga Golan

Senior inspector


  • Responsible for the supervision concerning the legitimacy of  foreign citizens’ staying;

  • Realization of the legalization process for foreign students invited at ULIM;

  • Responsible for entry and exit visa; 

  • Administration of the compulsory medical insurance policy for full-time students;

  • Responsible for the management of the department’s archive.

(+373 22)

20 59 28