Culture of Chinese medicine, promoted by Institute CONFUCIUS

During the day, the Center of Chinese Medicine of Chisinau in collaboration with Institute CONFUCIUS ULIM organized an event for the students and the interested persons, meant to popularize Chinese traditional culture and the philosophy of traditional medicine of China. Physicians from China retold about treatments provided to the patients from the Republic of Moldova and offered freely more procedures to those desirous – acupuncture, manual therapy tiuna, cups, pulse diagnosis and Chinese herbology.

Mr. Radu Plamadeala, the co-director of Institute CONFUCIUS, says that those who study the Chinese culture and language are acquainted with the basic notions of Chinese traditional medicine. They have the chance to be closer to the mentalities of China’s people and to find out the importance of energy equilibrium for health.

Chinese physicians, with a rich experience of activity, provide treatments at the highest international standards by applying traditional techniques of acupuncture, manual therapy and Chinese phototherapy. For more information, follow the link:

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