Daria Gorosenco, ULIM graduate, international prizewinner of competitions for cosmetologists and estheticians

Daria Gorosenco, a graduate of the Faculty of Biomedicine and Ecology (class 2009), has become one of the most acclaimed cosmetologist and esthetician specialists of the Republic of Moldova, recognized at major European profile competitions. In 2015, she was the prizewinner of an important international competition, SPA TALENT in Italy. From 2009, Daria Gorosenco is an important name in aesthetic facial surgery and body competitions. Furthermore, the young lady opened a business, works at ULIM and she will launch her own brand of cosmetics.

"Spa" aimed at both health and beauty. I have participated in many competitions in the field, where I took the first places, and as a result of which I enjoy of a dynamic professional development. Most memorable, however, has been my success at the first competition held in SPA TALENT, organized in Italy”, says Daria Gorosenco.

The young lady followed professional training internships abroad and was able to open her own business - Learning Center for Cosmeticians “Estetic Studio" and Sugar Activ Estetic Academy.  In 2015, Daria Gorosenco followed the Master studies at ULIM and began teaching hours of Cosmetology. Has a beautiful collaboration with Rowe Company from Romania, leader on professional equipment market for beauty centers.

For more information, visit: www.dariagorosenco.com and Viitori cosmeticieni ULIM beneficiază de masterclass-uri, oferite de cei mai apreciați esteticieni ai momentului.

 Angelina Olaru, Marketing and Communication Service, ULIM