Deep collaboration between ULIM and Embassy of Hungary in RM

On December 4, a delegation from the Embassy of Hunagary in RM, headed by the diplomat Fülöp-Gábor András, accompanied by the hungarian teacher Laura Sájter, has paid a visit to ULIM. The members of the delegation had a meeting with Vice-Rector for International Relations, Valentina Ciumacenco, where initiatives have been launched to resume partnerships in the educational and cultural dimensions, as well as establishing joint projects, oriented towards achieving effective and sustainable collaborations.

A special topic of the meeting concerned the didactic, scientific and academic mobility  for students and teachers, which ULIM maintains with a number of universities in Hungary.

In this context, Mrs. V. Ciumacenco expressed the intention to extend these relations with other similar educational institutions, requesting the embassy's help in achieving this goal.

In the context of the visit, the distinguished guests also held a public lecture for the students, entitled: "Hungarian culture and language in the Carpathian basin". The students have expanded their knowledge about the Hungarian people. Dr. Laura Sájter provided useful information on the interference of the linguistic and cultural landmarks in the Hungarian space with the historical and political processes, over time. At the same time, the scholarship program for the academic year 2020-2021, offered by the Hungarian Government, was presented for Moldovan students.  The scholarships are intended for those who wish to continue their studies at all cycles of higher education (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate).The deadline for online applications is January 15, 2019. Those interested can find detailed information by accessing the link: