Elena Mocan: "Poland is not only an area marked on the map but a fantasy realm with an alluring culture."

On Wednesday, June 4, 2014, students who attended the Polish language courses at ULIM, received their certificates, that states their knowledge of a foreign language. During a year, they went regularly to classes given by Mr. Jaroslaw Kurp, Professor at ULIM, originally from Poland and whether they have depth their knowledge by continue their studies or they started to learn a new language and found a new culture.

You can see below, impressions of Elena Mocan, a student from Faculty of Letters, ULIM, who have successfully finished the Polish language courses and will spend three weeks of this summer in Poland, being selected as one of the best students.

"... you don’t have to move mountains to get good results or to develop multilateral, it only takes great interest, involvement and an insane thirst for knowledge guided by a teacher capable to chisel your way towards the proposed aim. Mr. Jarek Kurp, this is about you and we are deeply grateful. I am saying this, after finishing the Polish language course from ULIM, subject that from beginning seemed so difficult, but still interesting and attractive. I have successfully climbed the first step being satisfied with the obtained results and being sure that the second step I will made it without much hesitation and doubt, because we have been seized by the avalanche flow of Polish language. I am going to spend three weeks with some of my colleagues in Poland, within the summer school from Rzeszow, where students from different countries are involved. Poland is not only an area marked on the map but a fantasy realm with an alluring culture.”