ERASMUS-MUNDUS -a dream came true: Chiril Didenco

Chiril Didenco (22 years old) is a first-year student at Faculty of History and International Relations, ULIM. Chiril received an ERASMUS MUNDUS scholarship and during five months studied at the University of Pecs, Hungary. "I was selected as a fellow student and during a semester I learned abroad. I experienced the most beautiful memories in Hungary, and I have made a lot of friends from around the world“, said Chiril.

-What were your first impressions about the culture and university system in Hungary?

-A can say that their culture as fairly classical because Hungary is a Catholic country, having a calm way of life.  For example, if the Moldovans use to work from Monday till Friday and on Saturdays and Sundays go out into the city, then Hungarian, prefer to stay at home on weekends.  From Friday to Sunday, the city practically falls asleep.  You can see on the streets very few people and most of the places are closed. 

My impressions about the education system are positive, because the lessons take place in a light atmosphere.

-How are foreign students treated there?

- I was received very well in Hungary.  The people are very friendly and I was helped by native students, teachers and program coordinators.  The people have a pretty good attitude towards foreign students because they are curious to learn about the culture, language, etc.

-What you liked less?

- During my trip I met some barriers.  For example, it is quite difficult to find my bearings.  Not everybody know English, but I succeeded easily.  I had some problems regarding the courses I have chosen because they were excluded from the curriculum.  I had to choose other courses and to adjust myself to the educational process.  I managed to pass over these difficulties because I was assisted all the time by the Coordinator.

- How did you spend your free time?

- I spent my free time by traveling.  I was deeply fascinated by the beauty of Hungary with Gothic-style architecture, exceptional beautiful castles and churches from medieval times.

In addition, I spent time playing football, volleyball, basketball with Hungarian students.  Sometimes we went to the pool or going out in the city to have fun.

- What advice you can give to students who dream to study abroad?

-For students who want to get involved in international programs, the most important is to feel confident and calm, not panic when there is a problem because everything is solvable and you will get all the needed help.  At the same time, feel free to take advantage of any possibility you are offered.  Such experiences are beneficial for our personal development.

Author: Irina Postolachi , Faculty of Letters, II year,  ULIM