ERASMUS MUNDUS – an achieved dream for Victor Pruteanu in Hungary

Victor Pruteanu (22 years) is in his 4th year of studies at the Law Faculty from ULIM. He benefited of an ERASMUS-MUNDUS scholarship during the academic year 2013-2014 in Hungary. When asked how he decided to apply at this program, Victor has said that: “I`ve applied because I have always felt like I deserve it. I was always seeing this program as a great opportunity, a chance of personal development and a possibility to discover a new world: I have always wanted to study abroad and by obtaining this scholarship, I received this chance!”

- At what university have you studied and what were your first impressions from Hungary?

- I have been admitted to the University from Pecs, Hungary, in a student city, next to the border with Croatia. Despite all the stereotypes of Hungarians, I realized that they are very gentle and polite. From the first moments I was supervised by a lady from the board of the university, which, over the semester has helped me. I was living in a hostel together with the Hungarian students, but at our floor were only foreign students. I have shared a room with a boy from South Coreea.

- How are exchange students treated in there? Do they know anything about Moldova in Hungary? 

- As I said, Pecs is a student city. Therefore, there is a very diverse student community from all over the world. There is this organization, called ESN that takes care of all of them by organizing activities, parties. This way, foreign students can feel like home.

By all means, people are very used with different languages in there. At different events that are organized in the city by the university, students from other countries are welcomed, since this cultural exchange is more than effective for development.

About Moldova they know a few things, mostly Hungarians that live on the border with Romania know more. Of course our teachers knew about Republic of Moldova, but foreign students, less. This way, it was a great chance for us to make our country known.

- How was your class program at the University from Pecs?

- My classes were mostly in the following format: PowerPoint Presentation plus discussions. Our teachers used to engage us in an active dialogue, our final grades being based on our participation in the discussions, PowerPoint presentations and written assessments (but not mandatory for everyone). Maybe this method was mostly characteristic for the foreigners from ERASMUS, but I enjoyed it a lot.

- Are there any elements that you would like ULIM to borrow?
- I would like to bring into our practice: round tables, PowerPoint presentations and debates over them. Here I could mention their electronic system – they have a university web-site, where every student, teacher/administrator from the university has an account. Students pay their bills through this account. There they can find their schedule and any useful information. They can choose on their own what classes they want to attend. Teachers can mark them online. In my opinion it is a great system and I would like to have one alike.

- How did you integrate in the study process? Was it difficult?

-It was easy to integrate. My teachers weren`t  used to the method “I retell, you take notes, afterwards, I listen and you retell”. There were always discussions over the subject of the class, that`s why it was easy for me, moreover, since all the groups were international with students from all over the world. By the way, the groups didn`t have more than 15 members each.

- How did you spend your leisure time?

- I was using my free time for personal development. I could often go on a walk in the city together with my ERASMUS friends. I was attending the events organized by the university, at the huge library from the university. Often could happen that I would remain on my own with the best friend of a student –the sleep (smiling). But, most of the time I used to travel. This way I traveled to: Croatia, Austria, Spain, France, Belgium, Slovakia and I have seen amazing places such as: the Diocletian Palace, Praeter Park, New Champ, Eiffel Tour. It was an unforgettable experience!

- What advice can you give to the students who want to study abroad?

- My advice will be the following: don`t be afraid of anything, we are the ones that design our path in life. If you didn`t make it from your first time, try once more, until chance will turn to you.

Author: Irina Postolachi, Faculty of Letters, 2nd year, ULIM