European universities open their doors for young people from ULIM

The oldest university in Hungary - Pecs University - founded in 1367, enjoys prestige throughout the EU. During one semester, Olga Afanas, a graduate student from ULIM, received a fellowship in university cooperation and mobility program "Erasmus Mundus EMP-AIM" at the Faculty of Humanities of the university. Not only was she able to achieve the basis of her doctoral thesis, but to travel and communicate intensively with fellows of European countries.

 "Such experiences broaden the horizons of research and also integrate into the European area. In Pecs, there are a lot of UNESCO monuments. Not only in this city, but the entire Hungary is full of famous places: castles, wineries, bridges, and museums that are known around the world. All worth a visit," Olga Afanas says.

 EU and US approach to disability, work experience for Moldova 

The issue of disabilities in Europe and the US, under psychological assistance and psychotherapy issues of people with special needs is an old concern of Olga Afanas. Therefore, she has chosen her research topic concerning "The role of social support in exhibiting resilience among young people with congenital physical disabilities". It is the individual's psychological capacity to face the adversities of life and to achieve positive results in the most difficult situations. "We are far behind the Americans in performing such studies", is the conclusion of the young researcher.

 "I was overjoyed that I had a chance to get a PhD scholarship at the University of Pecs, one of nine partner universities in the EU, because I knew that there are comprehensive scientific sources in my field of study, American and British literature first of all. In the first year, I wanted to investigate the approach of disabilities in the EU and the US, both theoretically and practically, find out how people with special needs feel in their families and communities, how specialists from Hungary work with this category of people to discover their potential. And my expectations were fully confirmed ", Olga Afanas says.

 "ERASMUS MUNDUS" scientific family 

"ERASMUS" is a unique community, a true fraternity. From the early days of the stay at Pecs University, our graduate student was impressed by the open attitude, benevolent academic staff, their efforts to provide as many sources for research as possible - electronic libraries, databases etc. The student community of the university activates under a mentor-student system for those who come to study. So the international undergraduates, master or doctoral students are supported to resolve different problems, even personal ones (rent, shopping, pricing, tours etc.). "It is the nature of 'Erasmus', to feel like a scientific family". As the saying goes: once Erasmus, Erasmus forever, a unique experience, " ULIM’s PhD student notes. 

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                                                                                                                          Translation by: Andrei BOLFOSU, lecturer