EUBAM and STP Experience: Ciprian Grițco

Ciprian Griţco (22 years) is in his 3rd year of studies at the Law Faculty from the Free International University of Moldova (ULIM). In 2013 he had the opportunity to participate in some International Programs for Students, such as: EUBAM Summer School “Borders of Europe” in Odesa (1 week); Study Tours to Poland, in Poland (2 weeks).As he states: “From what I saw in Poland and Ukraine I could retell forever and every time with more pleasure. I was pleasantly impressed and I would recommend to other students to apply as well and to take part in such of an experience.”

- What determined you to apply to such programs such as EUBAM and STP?

I found out about EUBAM from my teacher of International Public Law. Since I was always curious to see how this EU mission works, I`ve applied without hesitation and I am glad I got the chance to participate at one of theirs summer school. As for STP, one group colleague and friend has recommended it to me after his participation in spring. His enthusiastic talks about the trip was more than sufficient to convince me to apply at this international program for students.

 - How would you describe in a few words the experience you lived abroad?

- The experience from abroad, especially from Poland, has been impressive and useful. It is extraordinary to see how their society functions in different domains and how it developed from a somber post-socialist state to a prosper member of EU and NATO.

 - What were your first impressions about their culture and educational system?

- In Poland the state invests in education and youth, and as it follows, in the future. Students are trained in a system of student autonomy very well structured. About the cultural aspect I can say that is mostly based on tolerance, and in general, is very noticeable that they are a society with very well preserved traditions.

 - Tell us something about the places you have been and what were the most memorable?

- I have visited 10 Polish cities, each with its specific atmosphere. Krakow, for example, is the historical capital of Poland. In this exact city there is one of the oldest European university, and the central square of the city is the second most beautiful from Europe, after Venetia. Wroclaw is a city with an outstanding architecture, a German city through which flows the river Odra. Katowice is the city where I have spent almost the entire time in Poland. This is the central city, from a conglomeration of 14 cities with a population of 4 million people. All the localities are carrying their own history, with their own uniqueness.

 - Have you made any international friends? How are treated the international students in there?

- I have become friends with some amazing youth from the Moldovan team that I went with, as well as from Ukraine, Belorussia and Poland. They are special people with whom I still keep in touch and which I will visit with the first opportunity that appears.

Regarding the other side of the question, International students successfully integrated in the new academic environment. At the University from Krakow and the one from Katowice study youth from all around the world, people that haven`t felt discriminated at all in Poland. 

 - Have you tasted the Ukrainian and Polish cuisine?

The Ukrainian cuisine, as well as the Polish one, have their uniqueness. In Poland people don`t consume bread at all and the waiters are looking surprised when asked to bring some bread. I was pleasantly surprised by their soup preparing methods. On the other side, I took care to serve them with red and white Moldovan wine, which they enjoyed and appreciated at the highest. 

 - What advice can you offer to the students that want to study abroad?

Any international experience is a good investment in your own development, and if you apply for studies abroad, even more.

Author: Irina Postolachi, Faculty of Letters, IInd Year, ULIM