Experiences of academic mobility
“Learning society from China”, opened to ULIM’s students

Annually, “Confucius” Institute from ULIM awards scholarships to the prestigious universities from China to the best students from the Republic of Moldova, who have success in learning the language of this country. The scholarships are for the young people of the first cycle for a semester, a year or two on the basis of the collaboration agreement between Hanban (General Headquarters of Confucius Institute) and ULIM. This agreement aims at promoting the Chinese language and culture in the Republic of Moldova, providing programs of educational-cultural exchange between the two states.

Corina Ovcearenco is the graduate of the Faculty of Letters (English-Chinese). She visited China four times and every time she discovered it under new of approach.

Gradually, the young girl made a passion for this Asian language and gained the scholarship at “Zhejiang” from Hangzou city, an institution ranked on 3rd position in the top universities from China, where 46 thousand students, including Master and PhD attendants study.

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Experiențele mobilităților academice ”Societatea învățării din China”, deschisă studenților ULIM

Angelina Olaru, Service of Marketing and Communication, ULIM