Francophone students from Faculty of Letters participated at a scientific symposium at University of Craiova

A delegation of francophone students from ULIM, leaded by Mr. Ghenadie Rabacov, the head of Roman Philology Department “Petru Rosca” and the responsible of Center for University Success(CRU) participated at a series of events, organized in partnership with the Faculty of Letters of University of Craiova and financed by University Agency of Francophony. The first edition of Students’ Symposium Beyond Language, which regrouped more than 60 young people from higher education institutions from Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj, Suceava and Chisinau, opened the series of scientific manifestations.

The event constituted a plate-form of debates, an exchange of innovating ideas between the students of Craiova and young people from other universities of Romanian space.

Ina Neagu, student of 3rd year at the Faculty of Letters of ULIM, put into discussions the paradigms of multilingual specialized translations, presenting a quadrilingual case study (French, English, Romanian, Russian) on the basis of professional internship realized at the French Alliance from Moldova. Her colleagues had also an active participation.