"I am grateful to ULIM academic staff trained at international professional level"

Victor Pruteanu is a graduate of the Law Faculty of ULIM and activates within the Center for Continuous Training on Elections (CICDE) attached to the Central Election Commission. The young man says that the experience of studying at ULIM and the University of Pecs from Hungary by gaining a scholarship via "ERASMUS" helped him become an international level lawyer. Thus, he was actively involved in CICDE mission during the election period.

"At the Faculty of Law from the University of Pecs, I have accumulated a vast knowledge in International law, especially the European one. Studies abroad and intercultural experience changed my life essentially. I became much more liberal than ever before. I have no difficulty in communicating with foreigners. "ERASMUS" is an experience by which you learn that the world is bigger and more interesting. This mattered much when hiring and keeps helping me in the country and abroad.

ULIM is a truly international free university that offers great possibilities of development to each student. I am grateful to the professors of this institution that have an international level of training, thanks to them we were much better trained than other students ERASMUS with scholarships at the University of Pecs," Victor Pruteanu notes.

Marketing and Communication Service, ULIM

Translation by: Andrei BOLFOSU, lecturer