Increasing the financing of “Confucius” Institute from ULIM attracts more young people to study the culture and the language of the Great Wall of China

At ULIM, Chinese language is studied at the Faculty of Letters, the combination English-Chinese by the students from the 1st year till the 3rd year. “Confucius” Institute from ULIM has seven permanent teaching centers. Last year, the number of desirous increased till 600 persons, what is in comparison with 2015, represents an increase of 10,7%, i.e. with 64 persons.

The attractiveness of studying Chinese and the increase of the scholars number from the Republic of Moldova in China is due, first of all, to the fact that HANBAN (coordinating institution of “Confucius” Institutes in the world)increased the financing of projects from 91,809.77 dollars in 2015 to 202,153.6 n 2016 with an increase of 120%.

The team of “Confucius” Institute from ULIM has the mission to create new groups of study for Chinese language and culture, composed of businessmen from the Republic of Moldova. In order to approach the businessmen from China, the directors of this institution back up the idea of employing the young people that study Chinese language in the Chinese economic unties from the Republic of Moldova.

The Service of Marketing and Communication, ULIM