International Experiences

Eastern Partnership Conference “Promoting Common Values through Education and Culture”

Free International University of Moldova was successfully represented by Dr. Valentina Ciumacenco, Vice-Rector for International Relations, at the Eastern Partnership Conference “Promoting Common Values through Education and Culture”, held in Tbilisi, Georgia, on 25 and 26 June 2019.

The fruitful cooperation between ULIM and Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France of Valenciennes, France

During November 19th, 23rd, 2018, dr. Valentina Ciumacenco, vice-rector for International relations and Associate professor, dr. Ludmila Coada, the director of Doctoral School in Humanitarian, Political and Communication Sciences were in academic mobility in order to teach and train within partner institution, Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France of Valenciennes (UPHF), France.

A new US-American Fulbright student grantee has arrived at ULIM

A new US-American Fulbright student grantee has arrived at ULIM for conducting his research on Moldovan foreign policy.

Experiences of academic mobility
“Learning society from China”, opened to ULIM’s students

Annually, “Confucius” Institute from ULIM awards scholarships to the prestigious universities from China to the best students from the Republic of Moldova, who have success in learning the language of this country. The scholarships are for the young people of the first cycle for a semester, a year or two on the basis of the collaboration agreement between Hanban (General Headquarters of Confucius Institute) and ULIM. This agreement aims at promoting the Chinese language and culture in the Republic of Moldova, providing programs of educational-cultural exchange between the two states.

Aliona Fornea, political adviser in the Committee of the Regions in Brussels, a ULIM graduate

Aliona Fornea is one of the first graduates of ULIM, within the promotion of 2000 class of the Faculty of Letters. The option for ULIM of the teenager was based on the certainty of further successful integration into an international professional environment. "The five years at the Faculty allowed me not only to get familiar with innovative academic methodologies, but also to benefit from a modern university multimedia, the possibility of applying in practice the knowledge of interpreter and translator, with access to TV, in general, live English and French media, the opportunity to practice studied languages, in addition to foreign delegations visiting the ULI”, mentions Aliona Fornea.

After the academic experience from Great Britain and France, a student continues at ULIM

Irina Buzu, a student of 4th year at the Faculty of Law from ULIM, is a young girl with academic experience in the Greta Britain and France. After she made her studies at the High School “Prometeu” from Chisinau, and subsequently, she graduated Cambridge Regional College; she had the occasion to learn a semester at the University from Strasbourg. When she returned to the Republic of Moldova, she chose to make her studies at ULIM.

" Swiss Teachers to learn from ULIM’s teachers "

Doina Condrea is a newly graduate from the Faculty of International Relations, Political Science and Journalism at ULIM and is about to complete undergraduate studies in Letters in the University of Geneva.

Seo Yeon Hong, who graduated ULIM in South Korea:
"Romanian language gives me the chance in future profession"

Seo Yeon Hong is a newly graduated from the Faculty of Letters (English-French) from ULIM, and comes from South Korea. Next week, the young graduate will return home, where will follow postgraduate studies in international economic relations, the idea to build a business career, linked to Romania or Moldova.

New academic openness in cooperation between ULIM and University Mykolas Romeris of Vilnius

Moldova and Lithuania: promoting the cooperation in the academic field is one of the most important projects of ULIM, developed during the period of November 2016 – January 2017 with the support of the Embassy of Lithuania at Chisinau. Thanks to it, there was possible the modernization of the aula of this country at ULIM. Another success of this project was the recent extension of the academic cooperation between ULIM and University Mykolas Romeris of Vilnius, initiated in 2012.