International Experiences

Communication in the professional environment and the actor's art Francophone students, trained for a better insertion in the labour market

At this hour, at ULIM, Assistant Professor, Dr. Ioan Pop-Curseu from the Faculty of Theatre and Television of "Babes-Bolyai" University of Cluj-Napoca, carried out a seminar on communication in the professional environment, using the techniques of the actor. The workshop is organized for francophone students of ULIM and other universities from Chisinau, by L’Antenne de Chisinau of the University Agency of Francophony, in partnership with ULIM. “I present some simple theatrical skits, which focuses on the principle of situations that may arise in a professional environment. There are clear situations - employment interviews, conflict resolution, product offers etc., after we discuss their results”, mentioned Mr. Ioan Pop-Curseu.

International Scientific Conference
A Professor of management at Stetson University of U.S. will train the ULIM students

At this hour, continues the works of the 7th International Scientific Conference “Contemporary concerns of social -human sciences in the context of mentality transformation”, with the generic “ULIM, 25 years in the service of society”, organized by the Faculty of Psychology, Education Sciences, and Social Work (FPȘEAS). Today, in the second day of the event will be carried out training and workshops for students, supported by participants. At 17.00, will take place training, supported by Mr. William Andrews, Ph. D., Professor of management at Stetson University of US (study the CV of Mr. William Andrews here: CV ).

A student of the Faculty of Law has represented RM at a school of the young leaders in Bulgaria

Young people from 18 countries have participated in the works of the Autumn School in Sofia-2016, as part of a development and management international project, held in Borovets, Bulgaria, financed by the International Training and Research Institute PETRI-Sofia and Y-PEER. The Republic of Moldova was represented by two people; one is Marius Nanii, 1st year student of the Faculty of Law, ULIM. Persons selected were trained to develop projects and use their financing mechanisms.

The future of the university studies in French, discussed at Bucharest
The first vice-rector of ULIM participate next to the most important Francophone experts

Mrs. Ana Gutu, the first vice-rector of ULIM, participate today at the reunion of the Regional Commission of Experts of the University Agency of Francophonie (AUF), organized today, at Bucharest.

ULIM, a co-organizer of Central and East-European countries conference at Targoviste

Society’s mentalities in transformation – was the subject of a symposium, organized by Valahia University from Targoviste by a delegation of academic educators and PhD attendants from the Faculty of Psychology, Sciences of Education and Social Assistance.

Daria Gorosenco, ULIM graduate, international prizewinner of competitions for cosmetologists and estheticians

Daria Gorosenco, a graduate of the Faculty of Biomedicine and Ecology (class 2009), has become one of the most acclaimed cosmetologist and esthetician specialists of the Republic of Moldova, recognized at major European profile competitions. In 2015, she was the prizewinner of an important international competition, SPA TALENT in Italy. From 2009, Daria Gorosenco is an important name in aesthetic facial surgery and body competitions. Furthermore, the young lady opened a business, works at ULIM and she will launch her own brand of cosmetics.

University partners of Kharkov appreciate the internationalization model of ULIM

Mr. Ghenadie Rabacov, head of the Department of Roman Philology "Petru Rosca", held a public lesson for Francophone professors and students from the National University of Economics "Simon Kuznets" of Kharkov (UNEKh), Ukraine with the title – ULIM contribution to the development of regional francophone. He referred to our institution's achievements in education, internationalization, and university francophone process.

Assessing Experts of programs of studies from the Republic of Moldova and Estonia reunite at ULIM

There is developed currently at ULIM a seminar of training the local assessing experts, organized by the National Agency of Quality Assurance in Vocational Education (ANACP) in partnership with the Agency of Quality Assurance in Higher and Vocational Education from Estonia (EKKA).

“Confucius” Institute a global brand in promoting Chinese language, culture and civilization

“Confucius” Institutes are centers of didactic and cultural activities, where people can study the language and the culture of one of the most ancient civilizations, China.