International Experiences

" Swiss Teachers to learn from ULIM’s teachers "

Doina Condrea is a newly graduate from the Faculty of International Relations, Political Science and Journalism at ULIM and is about to complete undergraduate studies in Letters in the University of Geneva.

Former Moldovan scholarship fellows in China, some of the best multilingual professionals abroad
New opportunities to study in the Country of the Great Wall

We invite you to a new radio show of ECO FM about new educational opportunities for young ambitious Moldovans, who will not only conquer the European countries ... but even Asia. Over six hundred students from Moldova understand Chinese and about six thousand citizens have penetrated into the essence of Chinese culture.

Erasmus Plus, improving the employability of youth
ULIM’s future economists, trained in Bulgaria

Ana-Maria Luchian is a second year student at the Faculty of Economics at ULIM. She has applied for international economic relations in an English-speaking group. By the end of the semester, she and another student of ULIM - Ana Cuzmici-Şimanovscaia benefit from the Erasmus Plus opportunities, studying at the D.A. Tsenov Academy of Economics in Bulgaria.

ULIM provides prospective to an overseas academic environment

Elena Ceban-Homenco, a graduate of the Law Faculty of ULIM, currently working at Digore law firm in Chisinau, as a lawyer and completes her master degree. In the last academic year, the student won a one-semester Erasmus Mundus scholarship at the University of Alicante, Spain. While the Moldovan justice requires large reforms, Elena Ceban-Homenco urges law students to work hard and implement international projects for mobility in education.

"I am grateful to ULIM academic staff trained at international professional level"

Victor Pruteanu is a graduate of the Law Faculty of ULIM and activates within the Center for Continuous Training on Elections (CICDE) attached to the Central Election Commission. The young man says that the experience of studying at ULIM and the University of Pecs from Hungary by gaining a scholarship via "ERASMUS" helped him become an international level lawyer. Thus, he was actively involved in CICDE mission during the election period.

At the Gimcheon University in Korea, a ULIM a student has won the first prize in an international competition of Korean language

Oxana Chiriac graduated this year the Faculty of Letters (English-Korean). She had notable success in language learning and, due to the opportunities within ULIM, the student received a scholarship in South Korea for two and a half years.

She studied for a semester at the University Sungkyul of Anyang city, then she was again selected to go to Gimcheon University in Korea, where she continued her studies at the Department of English, in parallel doing intensive Korean language courses. Oxana Chiriac is currently a trading manager in a Korean import-export company in Chisinau.

Universities of Italy for our students

The march of ULIM’s best students continues. Yulia Bradu, a third-year student of ULIM, studied the entire second year at the University of Salento from Lecce, Italy. Returning home, she appreciated the most flexible academic system of the Italians, where the focus is on individual study. She benefited from EU research practices in the field of judicial training with teachers from European universities. "Our fellows integrate well in the countries of the Union and become competitive in international context," Yulia says.

Via the ERASMUS program, young people could bring great change in Moldova

Ana Lisnic speaks four languages ​​- English, German, Russian and Spanish. After a semester spent in the University of Alicante, Spain, through the "Erasmus" program, she recommends all undergraduate and doctoral students recommends to raise the level of training, applying to international mobility projects in education. They provide integration within western academic backgrounds, as well as a great asset for our country.

ULIM opens the door to renowned universities from the EU

Today, we share the experience of Tatiana Corja, our fresh graduate from the Faculty of Letters (English-Spanish), who was for a semester at the University of Alicante, one of the 17 partner universities within the "ERASMUS" (http: / / program. The young woman received a scholarship to study in the destination she dreamt about from her childhood.