International Experiences


European universities open their doors for young people from ULIM

The oldest university in Hungary - Pecs University - founded in 1367, enjoys prestige throughout the EU. During one semester, Olga Afanas, a graduate student from ULIM, received a fellowship in university cooperation and mobility program "Erasmus Mundus EMP-AIM" at the Faculty of Humanities of the university. Not only was she able to achieve the basis of her doctoral thesis, but to travel and communicate intensively with fellows of European countries.

Svetlana Ghitu -"Core Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program" (Septembrie 2014-Martie 2015)

Obiectivele stagiului de mobilitate academică:

● Cercetarea dezvoltării curriculare prin studiul politicilor educaționale, documentelor Europene și Americane, literaturii de specialitate în domeniu; prin intervievarea diferitor persoane implicate în procesul de dezvoltare curriculară etc.
● Dezvoltarea curriculară a cursurilor: Competențe Academice și de Comunicare; Universitatea Europeană.
● Investigarea impactului reformei Europene - Procesul de la Bologna - asupra învățămîntului superior.

O moldoveancă la New-York. „Toţi studenţii de la economie vor să fie bogaţi”

Studii în unul dintre cele mai aglomerate oraşe ale lumii, cumpărături pe faimosul Fifth Avenue şi plimbări pe gălăgiosul Wall-Street. Astfel arată vieţile multor studenţi care locuiesc în cosmopolitul New York. Cum se învaţă şi se trăieşte în capitala financiară a lumii, ne-a povestit o tânără care îşi are rădăcinile în Republica Moldova.

Tom Glassman - a Fulbright Specialist's experience at ULIM

In November, 2014 I had the privilege of teaching at ULIM as a Fulbright Specialist. I taught a two-week course on Insurance Law for students in the Faculty of Law, as well as for Economics majors. Our class was taught in a hybrid manner, blending American teaching styles with styles students were more accustomed to. I presented hypothetical situations and we would discuss what legal issues were presented. We discussed the corresponding rights and obligations of insurers and their customers.

Interviu la CNN cu dj-ul moldovean Andrei Rață, student ULIM

Jurnaliștii de la postul de televiziune CNN au realizat un reportaj despre festivalul de muzică electronică „Tomorrowland”. Dj-ul moldovean, Andrei Rață (numele de scenă Andrew Rayel), este unul din personajele principale ale materialului realizat de CNN, informează UNIMEDIA.

Inga Olari – a Moldavian girl in South Korea

When she arrived for the first time in South Korea, she believed that she had arrived on another planet. Now, she is less skeptical and admits that she would like to have her family there. For several years, Inga is established in Seoul. She studies law and she is scientific researcher.

EUBAM and STP Experience: Ciprian Grițco

Ciprian Griţco (22 years) is in his 3rd year of studies at the Law Faculty from the Free International University of Moldova (ULIM). In 2013 he had the opportunity to participate in some International Programs for Students, such as: EUBAM Summer School “Borders of Europe” in Odesa (1 week); Study Tours to Poland, in Poland (2 weeks).As he states: “From what I saw in Poland and Ukraine I could retell forever and every time with more pleasure. I was pleasantly impressed and I would recommend to other students to apply as well and to take part in such of an experience.”

Dumitriţa Furtună: "I become a fan of everything that refers to South Coreea "

The great Mahatma Gandhi said: "The culture of a nation lies in the hearts and soul of its people". True said. Wherever we are, we carry in our hearts a bit of our nations cultural and spiritual values. Every country is proud of its cultural heritage - we, and the French, Italians, Americans and those of ... Pitcairn Islands, which has only 48 inhabitants.

Elena Mocan: "Poland is not only an area marked on the map but a fantasy realm with an alluring culture."

On Wednesday, June 4, 2014, students who attended the Polish language courses at ULIM, received their certificates, that states their knowledge of a foreign language. During a year, they went regularly to classes given by Mr. Jaroslaw Kurp, Professor at ULIM, originally from Poland and whether they have depth their knowledge by continue their studies or they started to learn a new language and found a new culture.