International Visegrad Fund‘s Grant Opportunity for Higher Education Institutions in EaP countries

The Visegrad University Studies Grant-EaP (VUSG-EaP) is a unique grant program designed for higher education institutions. Its aim is to promote and support the development and launching of outstanding courses or degree programs focused on sharing of the Visegrad Group (V4) countries’ (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) experience—e.g. democratization and transformation process, regional cooperation, EU accession process, etc. The supported course or program can be taught in any language.

The grant is open to any higher education institution in the world which can secure at least 2 guest
lecturers from different V4 countries for a course and 3 guest lecturers from different V4 countries for
a program (for at least the first 3 editions of the course/program). Involvement of guest lecturers from all
V4 countries is considered an advantage and increases the chances of support.
The course is understood as a unit of teaching that typically lasts one to three academic terms (semesters),
while students may receive a grade and academic credit after its completion.
The program is understood as a collection of courses over a year or more, leading to a university
degree/diploma. The term covers also a program specialisation comprised of collection of courses.
The grant supports:
• mobility of experts and university teachers,
• development of a library related to V4 countries and to the subject,
• development of scriptum(s), readers,
• tangible/intangible assets (up to EUR 1,000 per course/program)
• field trips, workshops, etc.
Submitting an application: on-line registration system usually opens 1-2 months before the deadline and is
accessible from the Fund’s website.
Application deadline: November 10, 2014
The granted amounts depend on the scope and individual needs of each project but are intended to be ca.
€10,000 per course and €40,000 per degree program, in justified cases the budget and support can be
For further information please consult the Fund‘s website:
or contact the program manager: Lenka Bučková,E: [email protected] / T: +421 259 203 816

EaP VUSG flyer 2014 PDF