Li Xin, professor of “Confucius” Institute
“If I would have a chance, I would return in the Republic of Moldova to work”

Mrs. Li Xin, a professor at “Confucius” Institute worked for two years at ULIM, becoming a good friend of the students. Thanks to her results in teaching the Chinese language at the highest levels, a great number of young people from the Republic of Moldova had the courage and the ambition to study at the prestigious international institution. At the end of her activity at ULIM, Mrs. Li Xin admitted the attachment toward our students, passionate of Chinese language, culture and civilization, of whom she does not want to break of.

“Confucius” ULIM became a successful institution with a wide range of activities, where more than seven hundred students make their studies, with good results at the international competitions. Many of our winners go to China in order to implicate in short term academic mobility or in order to continue their studies as scholars.

The number of young citizens from the Republic of Moldova that learn Chinese language is impressive, in the last six months – in total 68! This is, indubitably, a proof that the students from here are peculiarly well trained”, says Mrs. Li Xin.

Angelina Olaru, The Service of Marketing and Communication, ULIM