Magna Charta Universitatum

The Magna Charta Observatory of Fundamental University Values and Rights is a non-profit organisation based in Bologna, founded by the University of Bologna and the European University Association (EUA).

The Magna Charta Observatory aims to gather information, express opinions and prepare documents relating to the respect for, and protection of, the fundamental university values and rights laid down in the Magna Charta Universitatum signed in Bologna in 1988 by 388 Rectors of worldwide main universities.

The Observatory may work together or in agreement with other national, European or international organisations pursuing similar or compatible aims.

It is significant that on 20-21 September 2007, on the eve of its 15th anniversary, Free Inernational University has signed  Magna Charta Universitatum at University of Bologna, Magna Charta Universitatum  is an important document signed by 660 universities in 78 countries around the world (ULIM is the only institution in Moldova that signed this document). As a signatory of the Magna Charta Universitatum ULIM  opts for academic freedom exercised both on Plenipotentiary knowledge and that of research. The university is a community of scholars entity and the university's moral identity is based on commitment  learning and research, scholarship and the pursuit of truth, regardless of the applicability of the political priorities and economic benefits.The  University is meant to serve society as a whole contributing to its sustainable development. For further details, visit Magna Charta Universitatum website.


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