New Joint Master’s Degree Programme in Work and Organizational Psychology

In atentia absolventilor ciclului I licenta, Facultatea Psihologie!!! O oportunitate unica de a urma studiile de master in Europa, la finalizarea carora ati putea obtine o diploma dubla: a Universitatii Mykolas Romeris, Lituania si Universitatii de Tehnologie din Talin, Estonia, cu care ULIM are semnat acorduri de colaborare. Cheltuielile de transport si cazare sunt acoperite integral din contul proiectului, taxa de studii- partial. Mai jos, gasiti va rog mai multe detalii despre acest program de master. Pentru mai multa informatie, contactati Centrul Cooperare Internationala, ULIM, tel: (022) 20 59 21, E-mail: [email protected]

New Joint Master’s Degree Programme in Work and Organizational Psychology is offered by Mykolas Romeris University(MRU), Lithuania jointly along with Tallinn’s University of Technology (TUT) in Estonia. After completion of the programme, students will receive a double diploma in Master of Psychology.

MRU is implementing a EU structural funds project and recently launched the admission of students to a new Joint study programme with Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia). Therefore from the budget of the Project, we have a possibility to reimburse tuition fee for the First two semesters out of 2-year long Master degree joint study programme in “Work and Organizational Psychology” + pay travel and accommodation expenses during the second semester of compulsory mobility period to Tallinn University of Technology.

All in all, the student of the Programme, who is financed from the EU Structural Funds project, would have to pay tuition fee only for the second year of the Psychology master degree studies (2940 EUR) instead of 5880 eur for full programme and, of course, his/her living expenses during the studies. Moreover, for students from EMP-AIM partners Mykolas Romeris University will make additional efforts to help with the tuition fees – vice-rector for development has confirmed that MRU is ready to reduce the second year tuition fee and charge only fee for EU students, t.i. 2052 EUR/year. Please note that after the completion of this master programme, graduates will receive a double diploma, t.i. will receive TWO Master degree diplomas – one from MRU and one from TUT, which definitely gives an added value to the graduate.

Certainly, a priority to candidates from Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova partners is given and although the studies begin from 1 September, it is possible to arrive later (until October).

There are still 4 or 5 places left for reimbursement from the EU structural funds project… therefore if you know or have a student with a bachelor in Psychology, please let him or her know about this possibility to apply. 

Please find below a short information from the Programme committee and several contact persons who can give more details about the admission documents or the Study programme structure.
Students, applying for the “Work and Organizational Psychology” programme’s state non-financed place, can apply for EU structural fund-financed study places. The way study places will be financed from EU funds is as follows:

Up to 10 students applying for a state non-financed place can apply for EU structural funds-financed place;
A student agreeing to study in an EU structural funds financed place will have to pay a set fee, which will be returned if the student’s semester grades are good (there are no academic debts);
A student can study up to 2 semesters in an EU structural funds financed-place and has possibility to have the tuition fee for 2 semesters reimbursed, and upon completion of the EU structural funds finance-placed term, the student pays for the remaining semester to the University, according to the set fee, which is not returned.
Student journeys to Tallinn and room and board expenses are also, in part, financed.

For information about the Programme and funding possibilities contact: MRU Lecturer Natalija Norvilė at [email protected]. For information about admissions contact MRU’s Agneta Lisauskienė at [email protected].

Studies starts September 1st.