Ecaterina Dorodnova, a political officer of EU Delegation: “We are delighted that we opened an Information Center of EU at ULIM”

Around the annual holiday of the peace and unity in Europe, May 9th, the Center of EU Information of ULIM organized a public lesson with the theme – Tens reasons for which Moldova has to choose European Union, given by Mrs. Ecaterina Dorodnova, a political officer of EU Delegation in the Republic of Moldova. She had an interactive dialogue with the students of ULIM, discussing the made commitments and the required reforms in all the spheres for the status of adhesion to EU. Mrs. Ecaterina highlighted especially the importance of academic programs of EU – Erasmus and Erasmus+ in personal and professional training for the future specialists.
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Students and professors from Romania, Georgia and Russia met within a scientific international conference, organized by ULIM

Students and professors from Romania, Georgia and Russia met today at ULIM, at the International Scientific Conference Symposia Studentium, Magistratum, Doctorandum, organized by the Doctoral School of Humanities, Politics and Communication in the collaboration with the Faculty of Letters and the Faculty of International Relations, Political Sciences and Journalism. It is one of the most important events of the academic year, dedicated to the 25th anniversary since ULIM was created.
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Under the aegis of ULIM, a branch of Institute King Sejong from Seoul will be opened

Today, a Delegation of Institute King Sejong Foundation from Seoul makes an official visit at our university in order to assess the activity of the Korean Language and Culture Center and the negotiation of opening an institute with homonymous denomination within ULIM. The guests met with the rector Andrei Galben, who pleads for many years in the favor of this idea. The known institution from South Korea is important in the context of promoting the Korean language and Culture globally.
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The first vice-rector of ULIM Ana Gutu, honor member of PACE, participate at the spring plenary session from Strasbourg

As honor member of Parliamentary Assembly of European Council, Mrs. Ana Gutu, the first vice-rector of ULIM participate at the works of the spring plenary session, during April 24th – 28th, deployed at Strasbourg. There are discussed issues related to the election of PACE vice-presidents from the side of Romania and the Republic of Moldova, the adoption of reports and recommendations of the specialty commissions, debates of actuality themes included on the international agenda.
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Jan Plesinger, the ex-deputy chief of OSCE Mission from Chisinau:
“Our success in the Republic of Moldova is the fact that the war of 1992 did not repeat”

M. Jan Plesinger, the ex-deputy chief of OSCE Mission in the Republic of Moldova during 2011-2015, made a visit at ULIM as director of Documentation Center of OSCE from Prague. He gave a lecture with the subject Documentation Center of OSCE from Prague – memory, history and its presence on the OSCE territory. The future political scientists in international relations and all the persons that are interested of the political field had an interactive dialogue with the high guest.
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The graduate of Woodbridge School of Great Britain chose a faculty of ULIM

Elena Putina, the graduate of Faculty of History and International Relations, licentiate and master higher education studies, the promotion of 2010, is part of the first young students from the Republic of Moldova who benefited of multiple opportunities in international projects with trips to European academic centers. A particular role for her academic career played the extracurricular activity at the International Cooperation Center (CCI) of ULIM, at beginning, just a student initiative. After studies, Elena Putina was accepted at LCC International University from Lithuania, where she participated at the training of future leaders from Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
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The Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to Switzerland, Tudor Ulianovschi graduated bachelors and masters studies at ULIM

His Excellency Tudor Ulianovschi, the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova in the Swiss Confederation, based in Geneva and the permanent representative of our State to the UN Office, the World Trade Organisation and other international organisations in Geneva, graduated the bachelors and masters studies at the Faculty of Law ULIM, in 2006. Frozen conflicts and their regulation in international law - was in his master's thesis theme. He is a fluent speaker in English, Arabic and French.
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The renowned French savant Jacques Demorgon became Doctor Honoris Causa of ULIM

The ceremony of awarding the title of Doctor Honoris Causa ULIM to the renowned savant Jacques Demorgon from Paris was accompanied by extraordinary interpretation of the national anthem of the French Republic and of the Republic of Moldova by the young singers of the National Opera from Chisinau. The Associate Professor, PhD. Ion Manoli, spoke a laudatio, praising speech, on the occasion of awarding of the most important distinction of ULIM to the philosopher, sociologist, linguist and professor within the University of Sorbonne, Reims, Bordeaux etc.
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International Colloquium La Francopolyphonie-2017 at ULIM brought in RM renowned scientific personalities

Today, takes place the 12th edition of the International Colloquium La Francopyphonie: La Francopyphonie: Multilinguisme, contrastivite et communication interculturelle (La Francopyphonie: Multilingualism, contrast and intercultural communication), attended by scholars, researchers and professors from France, Canada, Cameroun, Belgium, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia and the Republic of Moldova. The scientific event runs under the sign of multilingualism and intercultural dialogue being opened by a ceremony of awarding an extraordinary degree of Doctor Honoris Causa ULIM to the philosopher and sociologist of world-class from France, Mr. Jacques Demorgon, who gave a lecture. The Colloquium was honoured by the participation of the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the French Republic in Moldova, Mr. Pascal Vagogne.
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The role of translators and interpreters in the Act of Justice

For the first time, at ULIM, today, translators and interpreters authorised by the Ministry of Justice participates in a training seminar, with the theme Specificity of providing services of translation and interpreting in the courts of law. The training is organized by the Faculty of Letters, Romanic Philology Department "Petru Roșca", in partnership with experienced practitioners, representatives of law enforcement bodies and teaching staff, on the background of information relating to the exercise of this profession in the Republic of Moldova and as a result of the recent adoption of the Regulation on the continuous training of authorised translators and interpreters.
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