Scientific Realizations in Social Assistance, Elaborated at ULIM and Presented at Seul

World Conference on Social Assistance, Education and Social Development 2016 from Seul was a big event, deployed by important international organizations and universities from South Korea. The reunion created a solid platform for the dialogue and the collaboration between the representatives of the Faculty of Psychology, Sciences of Education and Social Assistance, together with Mr. Vadim Moldovan, an educator at The City University of New York and the director of the Project “Casa Mare”, with partners from abroad.
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ULIM, Ambassador of the Culture and University Diplomacy

Today, the doors of the 5th summer school edition “IT, Korean language and culture” closed, event organized by the State Agency of South Korea (NIA), the Institute of Technological Sciences from Gwang Ju (GIST) in collaboration with the Center of Korean Language and Culture “Se Jong” from ULIM.
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The Graduates Economists of ULIM, Trained by One of the Most Rated Professors of Harvard

The Graduates Economists of ULIM, Trained by One of the Most Rated Professors of Harvard, who attained the top of 50 world exceptional students, chosen after an international stringent selection in 2016, returned home from the prestigious Aspire Academy. They benefited from a leadership and entrepreneurship program with professors from Harvard, Stanford, Wharton and Berkeley within a summer campus, organized at Poiana Brasov.
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Moldovan students - invited to apply for a study visit to Czech Republic

The Delegation of the European Union to Moldova announces the 2nd edition of study visits to an EU country, for Moldovan students interested in learning in detail about the EU – Moldova Association Agreement, with focus on the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA).
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A Delegation of Great Britain Government and BBC, at ULIM
The Guests from London Promise Support in Forming the Future Journalists

This morning at ULIM, it took place a meeting to the vice-rector Ana Gutu with a delegation of Government Communication Service and BBC Media Action. The governmental experts from London are open for a future cooperation with ULIM. The guests were pleasantly surprised that when they found out that 80% of ULIM’s graduates, annually, find quickly a job in Republic of Moldova and Romania.
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Visit of the New Ambassador of the Korean Republic at ULIM
The Activity of the Centre “Se Jong”, Appreciated at the Highest Diplomatic Level

The academician Andrei Galben, the rector of ULIM, had, today, a meeting with the new ambassador of Korean Republic in Republic of Moldova with the residence at Kiev, His Excellency Sa Lee Yang regarding his participation at the official ceremony of submitting the letter of accreditation.
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Students of ULIM Benefited from Academic Mobility at the University Danubius of Galati

11 students of ULIM from the faculties of Law, Economic Sciences, International Relations, Political Sciences and Journalism benefitted of academic mobility for a semester at the University Danubius of Galati within the Program Erasmus + (Action-key 1: Mobility of the persons in educational aim).
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ULIM – a Big Family of Those Who Study the European and Asian Languages

The academician Andrei Galben made a congratulations speech in the name of ULIM Senate. The young people, dressed in robes, pronounced messages of gratitude to the educators of ULIM in English, French, German, Korean and even in Chinese.
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Chinese Culture at ULIM
Wife of China’s Ambassador in Moldova Implicated in the Organization of a Masterclass

Mrs. Zhang Yanjun, the ambassador’s wife of the People’s Republic of China in Moldova, together with the Institute Confucius of ULIM, organized a masterclass in taiqi (Chinese martial art) in Aula Magnifica. At the event participated lovers of the oldest civilization on the earth’s language and culture, Mrs. Maria Marinuta, the president of the Women’s International Club from Republic of Moldova, a group of taiqi art practitioners, leaded by Serghei Novic.
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A Group of Students from the Country with the Most Efficient Education System from the World Came at ULIM

A group if Korean students from the prestigious Institute of Sciences and Technologies of Gwang Ju (GIST) came at ULIM in order to participate at the 5th School Summer “IT, Korean Language and Culture”, organized traditionally in July by the State Agency of South Korea, GIST in collaboration with the Center of Korean Language and Culture “Se Jong” of our university.
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