People’s Friendship Celebration

Foreign students who are studying at ULIM had a meeting on Thursday, February 13, 2014 within the celebration "People's friendship". The event was a unique one, gathering students from Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Israel, South Korea and not only, who chose ULIM for studying. Although some of them are recently in the Republic of Moldova, the students were able to learn Romanian, and even recited poems of Mihai Eminescu.

The program was extremely varied. The event began with the students’ presentations about their homelands. The evening included artistic and gastronomic activities from the cultural heritage, characteristic of the nations represented by international students of ULIM.

Saif from Irak performed the song "Habibi" while the audience applauded him frantically; Patrick from Nigeria won the women’s hearts singing "Lady in Red".Waheeb recited the poem "O, rămâi " by Mihai Eminescu, and George from Azerbaijan spoke in Turkish, Azerbaijani and Russian. Three students from the South Korea performed a song that had emotionally affected the audience, and Igor Shestakovschi took care of the festive mood of public singing popular songs in Romanian, Russian and Ukrainian.

"Taking this opportunity we wanted to present our customs and traditions, our way of living, to our colleagues, teachers, and, in fact, members of the Moldovan community where we spent several years of our life, during our studies at ULIM," said a student from the South Korea.

«Foreign students from ULIM have had the possibility to know each other, to integrate better in the academic environment of Moldova and to present their culture and traditions systematically through events of this kind. We will continue with other events dedicated to our foreign colleagues in order to strengthen relations between them and our citizens.  I believe that these forms of interaction, in a less formal atmosphere, are especially useful, on the one hand to socializ with local students, and on the other hand it is a good way to promote the host institution and our country" said the Director of the Center for International Cooperation of ULIM, Mrs. Valentina Ciumacenco.

At the end of the artistic program, Mrs. Ciumacenco, on behalf of the University Senate, welcomed once again the students into ULIM’s big family and thanked specifically the mployees of Foreign Students Department for the initiative to organize such an important event that aims to promote intercultural communication and development of the cultural horizons of the participants.  Mrs. Ciumacenco especially thanked Mrs. Natella Pasha, one of the most enduring and the most dedicated employees of Foreign Students Department, for the essential contribution to the students and teachers connection to the international values and standards.  Participants who performed artistic numbers received as a present a CD with the special songs dedicated to ULIM whose lyrics are written by Mrs. Anna Gutu, Prime Vice-Rector of ULIM.

In conclusion of the evening, foreign students together with employees of ULIM danced a traditional Moldavian dance Hora. Later they enjoyed traditional Moldavian dishes, and others characteristic of the represented nations.

The event was organized in collaboration with the Department of Foreign Students and with the Center for International Cooperation ULIM.