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The preparatory year is meant for foreign citizens who wish to pursue studies (Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or PhD) within the vast array of educational programs the Free International University of Moldova offers, and do not speak the particular language (Romanian or Russian) in which the program is taught.

The Free International University of Moldova organizes the preparatory year (9 months) for studying Romanian and/or Russian, as well as some basic sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry, economics, etc.).

A group requires a minimum number of 10 students.



Studies duration

Full time studies

Romanian language – math and science track

9 month


Romanian language – humanities

9 month


Russian language – math and science track

9 month


Russian language- humanities

9 month



Admission fee:


cost of Invitation to study –  10 euro

cost of courier “DHL” – 80 euro




Foreign applicants who want to attend the preparatory courses must send their (scanned) application file to the Foreign Students Department, e-mail [email protected], before August 15, 2015.

The application file shall contain the following documents (certified/authorised translations into Romanian/Russian/English):

  1. Application form (download ENG)
  2. Passport, valid at least one year on the date of application.
  3. High School Graduation Certificate and Transcript of Records (with apostille).
  4. Certificate issued by the home country Ministry of Education certifying:
  • the authenticity of the High School Graduation Certificate;
  • the study period that preceded the issue of the Certificate;
  • the academic value of the Certificate (the right of the holder to be enrolled in the higher education level);
  • the description of the marking scale.
  1. Criminal Records Certificate / Police Clearance. Important! A compulsory condition: the validity of the criminal record must not be expired at time of entry. Otherwise you will need a new one.
  2. Health Insurance.
  3. Bank Account Certificate on availability of the amount necessary for tuition fee, health insurance, accommodation and subsistence (not less than 1500 EURO).



If the application file is valid, the applicant will receive a message from the Foreign Students Department, followed by the request for the admission fee transfer to the Free International University of Moldova bank account, which will cover the following:

– obtaining Studies Invitation Letter issued by the Bureau of Migration and Asylum

– sending the Studies Invitation Letter to the candidate via express mail.



After the transfer of the admission fee to the Free International University of Moldovabank account, the applicant’s file will be submitted to the Bureau of Migration and Asylum in order to obtain the Studies Invitation Letter.

A scanned copy of the Invitation Letter will be sent via e-mail to the applicant’s electronic address. The Applicant must transfer the tuition fee to the Free International University of Moldova bank account within 5 – 7 days after the message was sent.

Otherwise, the application procedure will be cancelled.



After transferring the tuition fee to the Free International University of Moldova bank account, the University will send the Studies Invitation Letter via express mail.


After obtaining the visa, the candidate must inform the University by e-mail on the exact time of their arrival to Chisinau. In case the candidate intents to arrive in Chisinau after the November 10th, the University reserves the right to ban them from studying within the Free International University of Moldova due to irrecoverable loss of study hours. In order to avoid such unpleasant situations, we suggest not embarking to Chisinau before/without receiving the confirmation e-mail from the Free International University of Moldova.

The student must have on them enough money to cover: full accommodation fee and other charges for medical insurance, residence permit, etc. Otherwise they can be sent back to their country. The student must also bring extra money for personal needs.

Upon arrival to Moldova, the accepted candidate must be present for registration at the Foreign Students Department of the Free International University of Moldova. In order to get enrolled, they must submit the original application documents and their translated copies.

Pay attention! A student is not officially registered at the Free International University of Moldova until he/she is financially cleared by the Financial Office.

Application deadline: August 30, 2015.

Attendance of classes is mandatory.

Upon the completion of courses the students take a final examination and obtain a CERTIFICATE .

International students can be accommodated in the University dormitories or can rent an apartment in the city.

Note. The number of places in the University dormitories is limited.

Other costs (upon arrival)

  1. Blood Group – 60 lei (5 euro)
  2. Health Insurance – approx. 900 lei (~ 60 euro)
  3. Right of Residence – 180 lei + 90 lei (+ 159 for urgency) (~15 euro (+11euro))
  4. Residence Permit – 400 lei (~27 euro)
  5. Visa Extension for 1 month : within 5 days – 30 € euro, within 3 days – 40 € euro, within one day – 45 € euro.

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