Professor Ion GUTU, a leader of social, intellectual and moral leader

It became a tradition for the Faculty of Letters to congratulate its colleagues with the occasion of beautiful events from their lives. This time, we pay our compliments to a distinguished and exceptional Colleague, a Researcher of European range, a true Romanian and Francophone.

Admired by his students for the courses of history of French language and semiotics, gave within our faculty several years ago, president of Licentiate higher education commission, Associate Professor, Dr. Ion Gutu, Director of Roman Linguistics and Intercultural Communication from State University, distinguished always by an unusual intellectual, cultural and moral status, becoming a model of tens of promotions of specialists of foreign languages.

The erudition, the inspiration, the effort covered in his studies of linguistics, semiotics, textology, pragmatics, didactics, interpretation, theory and practice of translation and others are astonishing, placing him in the gallery of the personalities as Jean-Michel Adam, Francois Rastier, Jean-Rene Ladmiral, Eugen Coseriu.