Public lecture: "Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova: confronting the challenges of the contemporary world"

On November 21, students from the Faculty of International Relations, Political Science and Journalism attended a public lecture, entitled: "Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova: Confronting the Challenges of the Contemporary World," held by Evghenii Magda, Ukrainian expert in political science. The guest's speech followed the complex approach of the multidimensional problems in the political dialogue between Moldova and Ukraine, such as: reduced cooperation in the economic and energy fields, hybrid threats, the need to reconfigure the political and security priorities of the territories.

The political scientist has also formulated some solutions to overcome the deadlock, such as: creating a friendly business environment and an attractive image of both states in order to attract investors, awareness of opportunities and capitalizing on their potential in designing the course of democratization of companies, which will allow the anchoring of states in the European structures, establishing the tasks of  elimination oligarchy from the small and medium business, identifying common interests, etc.

The students asked questions and consistently expressed their own opinions regarding the future of bilateral relations between Moldova and Ukraine. In the end, Evghenii Magda made a donation act for the ULIM book fund, comprising 2 scientific publications in the political field.

The event was organized in the context of the Day of Dignity and Freedom, marked in Ukraine on November 21, signifying the start of the Euromaidan protests in November 2013.


Press Service, ULIM