Seo Yeon Hong, who graduated ULIM in South Korea:
"Romanian language gives me the chance in future profession"

Seo Yeon Hong is a newly graduated from the Faculty of Letters (English-French) from ULIM, and comes from South Korea. Next week, the young graduate will return home, where will follow postgraduate studies in international economic relations, the idea to build a business career, linked to Romania or Moldova.

"I am a lucky one, that I know the Romanian language, which gives me the chance in my future profession," Seo Yeon Hong said. Her optimism is based on an undeniable reality: the offensive of Korean businessmen in Romania, hoping to spread in Moldova too. In ULIM, Seo Yeon Hong learnt French and English with outstanding teachers who encouraged her. Yesterday, she defended her license project and regrets leaving ULIM.

"I am happy that I met with teachers Han Ho Jin and Won Sim Kim, from the Centre for Korean Language and Culture " Se Jong " of  ULIM, who helped me to get to this university, where I developed as a professional in foreign language.

In addition, I was impressed by the Moldovan  music that was performed during a Korean show and I wanted to study it. I have certainly these two goals in life " our friend says.

Angelina Olaru, of Marketing and Communication Service, ULIM