Story of the an Italian student that has chosen to study in Moldova

Riccardo Zappatore is the only Italian young man who decided to study in Moldova. For a period of 5 months he engaged in the study process together with all the other Moldovan students.

It happened by chance to study at the Free International University of Moldova (ULIM), since he had three options: Belorussia, Ukraine or Moldova. Finally, he chose our country. As he stated: “The University where I study has sent me by email where there was a presentation of an exchange program. By default, I thought: Why not? I`ll gain an experience, an opportunity to meet a new country, defferent people, new friends.” Riccardo as well liked very much the “Green Chisinau” and the clean air from over here. In his belief, “All that I planned, has came true: I met Moldova, I`ve improved my English proficiency, I`ve seen how is like to live on your own and I`ve managed to become more independent.”

Riccardo has studied at ULIM next to other students for five months. He remarked that there is a big difference between the university system from Moldova and the one from Italy: “At home there is no requirement to attend classes on a daily basis, and there is no record of the absences. The study system offers a lot of freedom. For instance, in Italy you can sustain all your exams in your last year of studies and you can choose by yourself the data of the exam. Another difference that I`ve noticed is the grading system, since in Italy students are graded on a scale from 1 to 30.”

This is the first program that this youngster has applied. He was pleasantly impressed of the experience, gained knowledge, especially since he had the opportunity to study Chinese – a great chance that he didn`t have even in Italy. However, the Italian student thinks that the Moldovan system of education needs to develop still up to the level of the Italian system.

The Erasmus Program offers the opportunity to realize an exchange experience to the Moldovan Students as well.

Author: Ina Tăvăluc