The Foreign students from ULIM presented a concert dedicated to all women

Songs and beautiful poems, in various languages, had been dedicated, yesterday at ULIM, to all women. The Concert dedicated to women was organized by the Foreign Students Department from ULIM.

Natella Pasha, the Head of the Foreign Students Department from ULIM mentioned that they organized this concert dedicated to women in April because in all countries, where the majority of foreign students come from, the Women’s Day is celebrated on March 21st. ,,We had to organize this holiday at the end of March, when it’s celebrated abroad. Because of the exams which the students had to pass that time, we postponed the celebration’’, said Natella Pasha.

On their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year at the university at different faculties, all foreign students had the possibility to present what they can do the best. They danced, sang, and presented various artistic numbers succeeding to create a festive atmosphere.

The show impressed the audience. Elena Lungu, a 2nd year student says she was impressed by all she saw. ,,I couldn’t say that I liked someone more or less. They all were great’’, added Elena.

 Although some students learn the Romanian language harder, others easier, Svetlana Mogâldea, a Romanian language teacher in a Congo students group, says that those who work hard, succeed to achieve high progresses.    

The young people want to study in Moldova due to different reasons: the contract is cheaper, the war conditions in their countries and many others. Waheeb, a young man from Israel and who has been studying for five months in Moldova, wants to become a veterinary. He says he spends 700 Euros per month.

The concert dedicated to all women is organized every year by the Foreign Students Department.

Photographer: Alexandr Kulibin