Students life

ULIM inaugurated the academic year 2014-2015

According to a wonderful tradition, the beginning of the academic year was celebrated by the University collective. On September 1st, the students and professors, especially the young students newly enrolled to study at ULIM, met at the National Palace ,,Nicolae Sulac’’.

ULIM’s experience in three words

A unique Flash Mob in which students have described their experience at ULIM in three words was organized on 4 April 2014. The participants received white and blue ribbons, the symbol - colors of ULIM, on which both foreign students and native ones have written beautiful words, but without exceeding, the limit of 3 words.

Spring Celebration „Povestea Mărţişorului” la ULIM

On Friday, March 7th, the international students from ULIM participated in a workshop where they made Mărțișori. This event is part of the many events organized under the motto ,,People’s Friendship’’. The activity was initiated by the Moldovan students from ULIM to exchange culture experiences, to promote the national and international values, and to consolidate the friendship relations with the international students.

The Foreign students from ULIM presented a concert dedicated to all women

Songs and beautiful poems, in various languages, had been dedicated, yesterday at ULIM, to all women. The Concert dedicated to women was organized by the Foreign Students Department from ULIM.

People’s Friendship Celebration

Foreign students who are studying at ULIM had a meeting on Thursday, February 13, 2014 within the celebration "People's friendship". The event was a unique one, gathering students from Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Israel, South Korea and not only, who chose ULIM for studying. Although some of them are recently in the Republic of Moldova, the students were able to learn Romanian, and even recited poems of Mihai Eminescu.