Success story


“The life of a university professor is very nice indeed!”
Recently, a numerous group of students and academic staff of the Free International University of Moldova (ULIM) has organized a heartfelt meeting with Mr. Andris Petersons, the Dean of the Communication Department of Turiba University from Latvia, who is an exceptional specialist in the field of Public Relations.

Teresa Pozo Rico (Erasmus Mundus EMP-AIM)

Teresa Pozo Rico, doctorandă a Universităţii din Alicante, Spania, bursieră Erasmus Mundus - Acţiunea 2, a desfăşurat la ULIM, în perioada 1 august 2014 – 25 ianuarie 2015, un studiu în domeniul inteligenţei emoţionale.

The Budapest based painter and researcher Ákos Bánki's experience at ULIM

Între 31 octombrie și 17 decembrie 2014, in cadrul ULIM s-a desfășurat un curs academico-didactic neobișnuit. Evenimentul respectiv s-a deosebit atât prin obiective, forma de desfașurare, contingentul participanților, cât și prin finalitățile sale și metoda de evaluare.

Ieva KALVE, Doctor of Economics from Latvia, was awarded the Medal of ULIM

On October 31, 2012, Mrs. Ieva Kalve, Doctor of Economics from Latvia, Assistant Professor, was awarded the Medal of ULIM. The distinction was given by Mr. Nicolae ŢÂU, Vice-rector for International Cooperation, ULIM. During the month of October, Ieva Kalve held a course of Strategic Management at the Faculty of Economics, within the international Project ERASMUS MUNDUS EMP-AIM.

Story of the an Italian student that has chosen to study in Moldova

Riccardo Zappatore is the only Italian young man who decided to study in Moldova. For a period of 5 months he engaged in the study process together with all the other Moldovan students.

ERASMUS MUNDUS – an achieved dream for Victor Pruteanu in Hungary

Victor Pruteanu (22 years) is in his 4th year of studies at the Law Faculty from ULIM. He benefited of an ERASMUS-MUNDUS scholarship during the academic year 2013-2014 in Hungary. When asked how he decided to apply at this program, Victor has said that: “I`ve applied because I have always felt like I deserve it. I was always seeing this program as a great opportunity, a chance of personal development and a possibility to discover a new world: I have always wanted to study abroad and by obtaining this scholarship, I received this chance!”

ERASMUS MUNDUS the dreams come true: Elena Homenco (Spain)

Elena Homenco (23) is a fourth year student at ULIM, Faculty of Law. It is one of the few students who have benefited from Erasmus grants for a period of five months, and had the opportunity to attend classes at the University of Alicante in Spain. "I heard about ERASMUS-MUNDUS since high school, but it was a wish that could not be realized earlier than this year" said Elena Homenco.

ERASMUS-MUNDUS -a dream came true: Chiril Didenco

Chiril Didenco (22 years old) is a first-year student at Faculty of History and International Relations, ULIM. Chiril received an ERASMUS MUNDUS scholarship and during five months studied at the University of Pecs, Hungary. "I was selected as a fellow student and during a semester I learned abroad. I experienced the most beautiful memories in Hungary, and I have made a lot of friends from around the world“, said Chiril.