Summer School in Comparative and Transnational History: Theories, Methodology and Case Studies

Are you convinced that national history and its approaches are limited? Do you want to look beyond the nation in which you live? In this case, you may be interested in attending the HEC 2014 Summer School which will take place in one of the most evocative places in Florence: Villa Schifanoia.

The Department of History and Civilization at the European University Institute is a major centre of comparative and transnational European history and of European history in a global perspective. The Summer School will allow you to  broaden your research interests, whether in political, social, cultural, intellectual or economic history, from this broad perspective.

Well-known specialists from the European University Institute and from other outstanding European institutions will present interesting ways of writing the history of Europe as well as raising important questions about its development.

You will have the opportunity to meet our researchers, who are preparing their Ph.Ds, participate in the academic life of this centre of excellence, visit the Library, the Historical Archives of the European Union and  find out how to apply to the European University Institute to pursue doctoral studies.

Courses are held in English. In the evening, you will have the opportunity to visit Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in the world!