The Ambassador for the University of Debrecen Reveals the Mysteries of English Literature to the Students of ULIM

Under the aegis of Erasmus+ Credit Mobility project, Dr. Péter Szaffkó, retired Professor of English and Ambassador for the University of Debrecen as well as Director of Debrecen Summer School, had the opportunity to pay a visit to ULIM and provide lectures on British Literature and Hungary. He met several student groups from the Faculty of Letters and one group from the Faculty of Law. The lectures on British Literature intended to present some exciting ideas and literary facts about William Shakespeare's dramatic achievements and the theatrical atmosphere of the English Renaissance.

The special presentation on Hungary and Hungarian culture was met with the interest of the students in foreign countries and life in the European Union. Dr. Szaffkó found the students and staff people of the Faculty of Letters highly motivated in acquiring new knowledge and is convinced that faculty and students exchanges between ULIM and the University of Debrecen would be beneficial for both parties.

“The visit of Dr. Pétér Szaffko to our university represents a great opportunity for the students of the faculty of Letters to get acquainted with the up-to-date scientific researches in the field of English literature. The lectures delivered by Dr. Pétér Szaffko are characterized by originality, outstanding style of interaction with the audience/students as well as the creation of the Shakespearean English atmosphere in the classroom.

The information provided in the framework of the course has a great value for the future translators and interpreters. Moreover, active participation of ULIM in the Erasmus+ Mobility Program contributes to the development of deep scientific and teaching relationships between Moldova and Hungary”, stated Inga Stoianova, PhD, Associate professor, Head of the Germanic Philology Department.  

According to Daniela Cobzac (Letters, III-rd year) the lecture presented by Dr. Péter Szaffkó was extremely interesting and useful for us because it was about William Shakespeare. Dr. Péter Szaffkó told us about Shakespeare's life, about his work and the importance and greatness of this poet. Shakespeare is indeed a unique personality, who remained so famous due to his works of great value that are performed on the big stages. It was a great pleasure for me to be present at Dr. Szaffkó Péter's lecture enriching my spiritually. I am very grateful to ULIM  for such an opportunity. 

Sharing her impressions on the attended lecture on Hungarian culture, Sandra Slovineanu (Letters,  IIIrd year) said: “We had the unique chance to meet a special guest from Hungary, Dr. Professor Pétér Szaffko who revealed a lot of exciting things about Hungary as a rich nation in matters of language, culture, and men of genius. We are very thankful to our university for its thriving collaboration with different universities around the world because such way we could enjoy the results the intercultural process has provided so far (the outstanding professor’s speech) and also looking forward to visiting Hungary as soon as possible.”


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