The Ambassador Lee Yang-Goo:
“ULIM is a development center of the bilateral relations between South Korea and the Republic of Moldova”

The globalization and the model of economic development of the South Korea – was the subject of a public lesson, organized today for the students of ULIM by His Excellency Lee Yang-Goo, the ambassador of the mentioned state in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

On this occasion, the embassy inaugurated in Aula Magnifica an exposition of Korea immortalized in photos. In the morning, the diplomate had a meeting with the rector Andrei Galben, where they discussed on the future projects in the context of deepening the relations between ULIM and the Embassy of South Korea, the diplomatic representation of a country with the most efficient educational system from the world.

The Rector Andrei Galben appreciated the economic model of South Korea, worth following by the Republic of Moldova. He encouraged the young people to be ambitious and to create their future home, by following this example. “ULIM is a development center of the bilateral relations between our countries”, declares Lee Yang-Goo. “We invite officers from Republic of Moldova to implicate in training programs in South Korea. The evolution of our economic relations are important for both states”, says the ambassador of South Korea.

In 2017, 25 years will be celebrated since the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Republic of Moldova and South Korea, which increase, appreciates Mr. Ambassador. In the name of our university’s senate, the rector Andrei Galben awarded the Diploma of Merit of ULIM to His Excellency Lee Yang-Goo.

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