The future accountants, trained at ULIM according to the European directives

The third National Congress of Accountants from the Republic of Moldova from the beginning of the week, with the theme Consolidation of profession of accountant in the process of European Integration, regrouped almost a thousand of participants, among them central authorities, representatives of international financial institutions, from business, future specialist of this field. Students of ULIM, specialized in accounting, participated also. The implementation of new standards in the field, the European directives and the status of accountant in the European space – were the central issues discussed at congress.

Dr. Ecaterina Burlea, the deputy dean of Faculty of Economic Sciences explains the fact that the students of ULIM, specialized in accounting, are trained according to the education plan, adapted according to the provisions of community acquis. This fact allows the comparability of knowledge background and skills attained by the ex-students of the Accounting specialty from ULIM with those of graduates with Licentiate higher education from European space; that is why the students of ULIM are easily employed by the companies from country and from abroad.

The Service of Marketing and Communication, ULIM