The specialization International Economic relations brings high profits and the assurance of a place of work

The graduates of ULIM in economic sciences, specialized in international economic relations, are the first most solicited on the labor market from the Republic of Moldova, having high chances to continue their studies in developed countries and to develop a career in prestigious organizations. Acquiring excellent communications skills in at least two international languages, of professional skills to work in the business environment from the country and from abroad for the implication in a wide number of activities of domestic business and foreign trade business – represent the essential objectives.

This specialization brings high profits to the young people and the assurance of a place of work. The Faculty of Economic Sciences from ULIM provides a series of courses in English language, taught by practitioners from the Republic of Moldova, visiting professors of universities from EU and from overseas.

We refer to the following disciplines: International economics, Business and corporate strategy, Marketing research, National innovation policy and international business, Geopolitics, Global strategy and sustainable development, Business negociations, International marketing management, International business law, Economic diplom.

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