The young African artists highly appreciated at ULIM

A rare concert dedicated to the Day of Africa was organized at ULIM by the students from Congo and African community of Moldova. The event started by a prayer made by a priest for peace in our country and in the entire world. The admirers of culture from capital admired and art exposition, they tasted traditional meals and followed with interest the speeches about the history of unity of African countries.

Mrs. Natella Pasha, the deputy head of Foreign Students Department expressed the satisfaction that there is a connection between the students of world’s countries at ULIM, where the friendship and the multiculturalism prevail.

Patrick Wenamio : “ULIM is attractive for our students”

Patrick Wenamio, a 3rd year student, is charged with the admission of Congo students at ULIM and partnerships with African countries. “ULIM is attractive for our students. We have an extraordinary partner in the context of Francophony.

It is a great honor for us, the Africans, to celebrate our national day together with friends and colleagues from the Republic of Moldova and other countries. We feel very well at ULIM and that is why we chose this higher education, where we benefit of openness and a good professional training”, says Patricj Wenamio.

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