UK Social Enterprise - seeking partnerships and offer free work experience for students

We are a collection of ex-local government directors/senior managers who have set up a small Social Enterprise here in London, UK, specialising in Management, Business Transformation and Transportation projects

As such, we now have developed three products that will be of interest to you:

1) Free work experience for your students online - This is done in a flexible way (up to 10 hours per week) from the students home, college or university, at times that are convenient to them. The work experience is largely done online via Skype, emails, and electronice communications, and the student gets a certificate/reference/job title - I attach a flyer for your information, or you may wish to print this off and put it in student rooms, halls, notice board e.t.c. The areas of work experience include: Admin, Finance, HR, Legal, Business Development, Marketing, IT, Project Management, Web Development, and shortly we are also setting up 3 online magazines (HR, Finance and Legal) and we are looking for students to help us with this also.

2) Partnership working - We are currently building up a portfolio of education partners with whom we would like to develop positive relationships. Within this, we would like to work together on joint projects,  research, sharing of ideas, developing further opportunities within Education, and even bringing students to the UK to do live work experience with us in our new offices that we are currently setting up. 

We are also keen on jointly developing Junior Consultant courses where we can fast track careers for young professionals. 

 3) Working on Social Projects (not for profit) - We are also keen to consider with you joint Social Projects in your part of the world. These could include; Health, Education, Transportation, tackling poverty, in-equality, getting people back into work e.t.c.

Work experience flyer