The international Rating Agency ,,Expert PA’’ classified the Free International University of Moldova among the best institutions of higher education from CSI (Community of Independent States). The evaluation was made on 150 the most prestigious universities from , Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Kirgizstan.

The results of the study are based on the statistic data, as well as on the results of surveys where participated more than 5500 respondents – professors, employers, researchers, students and alumni. According to the final list, the best universities are in Russia (95) and Ukraine (33). The classification continues with Belarus (10) and Kazakhstan (9). The Republic of Moldova is represented by two higher education institutions, ULIM and ASEM, the first one achieving a score higher than the Academy of Economic Sciences (see the ranking: http://raexpert.ru/rankings/vuz/vuz_sng/part2/ ).

For the survey there were analyzed the following aspects: the university conditions for a quality education, employment of graduates, and university reputation at national and international level.

In the majority of CSI countries there isn’t the tendency to transform the universities into entrepreneurial structures, except Russia where the results of the survey within the institutions of higher education are frequently implemented and commercialized by patents, licenses, and creation of innovative small enterprises.

A special attention was paid to the number of foreign students who choose to study in one of the CSI countries. ULIM registered more than 10% of foreign students. They come from South Korea, China, Turkey, Israel, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, etc.

The Director of the agency, who realized the study, Mr. Grișancov, advised ULIM to continue to participate at this study, offering it the certificate (View in Google) which confirms the status of top institution of higher education from CSI.


Ranking Web of Universities

According to the results of two international rankings Ranking Web of Universities elaborated by the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations within the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain and 4 International Colleges and Universities,realized by 4icu.org, the Free International University of Moldova ranks among the most prestigious universities from Moldova in 2014.

The first 100 places from ,,Ranking Web of World Universities’’ were given to the universities from the United States, 1st   place – University of Harvard. From Europe there were – the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford from Great Britain, the University of Hamburg from Germany, and other prestigious universities.

The top universities Ranking Web of University is the only one in the world. This survey motivates the institutions of higher education and the scientists to have a web presentation which reflects accurately their activities.

The web presence and the visibility are used as indicators of performance of the university at the global level. These indicators take into consideration the information and materials posted on the website, as well as the volume and quality of electronic publicationsthe presence at the international level of the higher institution, and the relations which it has at the social, economic, cultural and political level. The ranking has been published since 2004 and is accomplished once every six months.

The universities from the Republic of Moldova participated to the Ranking Web of University for the first time in 2010.

This year , more than 22000 universities participated to the ranking, 26 of institutions of higher education were from the republic of Moldova. We mention the fact that even if the Free International University of Moldova is a young institution, it succeeded to be among the first institutions of higher education from our country, holding the position(7162). (See the ranking: http://www.webometrics.info/en/Europe/Moldova%2C%20Republic%20of).


4International Colleges and Universities Ranking

The second international ranking represents a way of searching the most prestigious accredited universities and colleges in the world. 4icu.org includes 11307 colleges and universities from 200 countries. The goal of this site is to offer a ranking of popularity of the world universities, basing on the reputation of their websites.

According to this ranking, where participated only 19 institutions of higher education from the Republic of Moldova, the Free International University of Moldova is situated among the most popular universities from our country, on the position 6436 from the total number of universities from those 200 countries. (See the ranking: http://www.4icu.org/md/).