ULIM inaugurated the academic year 2014-2015

According to a wonderful tradition, the beginning of the academic year was celebrated by the University collective. On September 1st, the students and professors, especially the young students newly enrolled to study at ULIM, met at the National Palace ,,Nicolae Sulac’’.

At the event participated the Rector and Academician of ULIM, Andrei Galben, the Prime Vice-rector of ULIM, Ana GUŢU, deputy in the RM Parliament, the Vice-rector for International Relations, Nicolae ŢÂU, and other representatives of the university leadership.   

The opening ceremony began with Mr. Rector speech, who mentioned that ULIM starts optimistically the academic year 2014-2015, on one hand, by successfully finishing the precedent year, and on the other hand, by attracting a significant number of new students, in spite of the unfavorable context reported at the poor high school exam results from this year and at the economic problems in Moldova. The rector of ULIM also emphasized some notable results obtained in the teaching/educational plan, scientific researches, international relations, as for example, the organization of many international scientific events; or the development of international relations by signing partnership agreements with the universities from abroad. In 2013-2014, ULIM became a full member of the following associations: European Languages Council (ELC) – Headquarter in Berlin, Germany, and the European Law Schools/Faculties Association (ELFA) – Headquarter in Madrid, Spain.

Mr. Andrei Galben congratulated the professors and students from ULIM with the wonderful event, and concluded with the quote: ,,The Future doesn’t belong to the rich ones, but to those intellectuals’’.

The Prime Vice-rector of ULIM, Ana GUŢU came with a congratulation message wishing the 1st year students good luck, perseverance and a true intellectual complicity to the knowledge, research and wisdom.

The students were advised to be good friends with the book, because only in this way they would become professional specialists. ,,The education is essential for the future of a person’’, mentioned Her Majesty, giving as an example the life of Socrates – sentenced to death for his respect for science and education, but appreciated after many years, when his merits and concepts were recognized.

At the same time, as a professor and member of the Bureau of the Association Council of the AUF from Central and East Europe, the Prime Vice-rector of ULIM told the students about the importance to study the foreign languages, particularly the French. ,,To speak English is an advantage, to speak French is a privilege’’ concluded her speech. 

Among the guests invited to the event there were various public personalities, diplomats. The Ambassador of Turkey in the Republic of Moldova, His Excellency, Mr. Mehmet Selim KARTAL came with a message in Romanian. He encouraged the 1styear students and the former ULIM graduates, now members of the Institution Board of Directors.

A greeting message was addressed by the international students, represented by Tereza Pozo Rico, doctoral student at the University of Alicante, Spain. It is to mention that Tereza Pozo Rico obtained a scholarship of academic mobility through the project ERASMUS MUNDUS EMP-AIM.

The big surprise was made by the students from Congo, who have been in the Republic of Moldova since 6 months. They study at ULIM, and in a short time they succeeded, to learn our language very well. The Congolese students also sang a song on Congolese rhythms, which made the audience sand.

Another important guest at our event was Aliona Moon. The singer, a student at Journalism at ULIM represented our country at the Eurovision in 2013. She sang a song and thanked the professors from ULIM who shaped her future, and wished them to remain loyal to their teaching profession and institution.     

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Adrian Ghicov, Director of the Department of Educational Process Monitoring of ULIM read the Order of the new students’ enrollment at the faculties of ULIM, congratulating them by becoming students of a prestigious university, which guarantees a quality education. 

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